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Maria, she is my renegade lady,
She is a dream from a fabulous world.
I could not expect to meet her in brandy,
And guess she’s from label brand –
Famous Smirnoff.
But, that is just a story beginning,
’cause she’s appeared to be
An exciting gymnast.
Yes, she’s diving, she’s jumping,
She’s reeling, and make it
All really fast.
She is my challenge, she’s amazing goddess –
From ancient past, or probably, future times.
I am playing new songs, I am writing poems
And put her in space of the perfect rhymes.

+ + +


Sunny Waves

I am listening cool music of waves,

Accompanied by the ocean breeze,

That brings a sense of peace and

Happiness all over my mind.

I live in the air of dreams,

I breath holy wisdom,

All right.

It’s an oxygen for my thoughts,

And guess what – Pura Vida

All day along, – back and forth.

Let the sunshine does mysterious work,

Growing you up like a magic flower.

I’ve got that serious power,


turn you


like a winning stock.




Keep On Moving

I’ve got back home
After adventurous trip
Into far away pine
And spruce woods.
Heavy rain, crazy train,
Loud rig.
No complain, no wall,
No Camper boots.
Women were looking
Yet hardly finding
Whatever is might be
Their hidden dream.
I’ve met Maria that’s
Pretty exciting
And guess – she’s
A wild woman’s scream.
Sunday was true some,
Delivering seagulls.
Broad frontier circled
The sky.
You shouldn’t surrender
Your freedom, your
Sweet guns.
And I’m keep moving,
Don’t ask me why.

Old Rocker Monologue

VITALLYCA live at Rock Without Borders VI Fest at Down House, Brooklyn, NY

Goodbye To Empire Wall

Day of Thanksgiving to share some love,

Day of Forgiving – the truth from above.

Dangerous fireball fall from the sky,

We say to Empire Wall a long time goodbye.


To Make It Perfectly Right

If I could imagine life

Filled with happiness and abundance

How good I’m to be there at once?

If I was a King of Electrical Thunders

How strong it might to destroy the trans?

You could make a trip into Carroll Gardens

Where small boutiques are kept running wild.

Take a  leap within land of wonders

And make it perfectly right.


Lots of time passed since the song was written and at last it has appeared as a record.

Vitally's Space & Time Machine

Go boy,
Farther for the sleeping Sun.
Throw away your toy –
There is no need to run.
Drinking velvet silence,
Gliding by the space –
You’ve got a sign on your way.
Leave behind your dull,
Wash it off a grim face of the day.

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